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Office de Tourisme du Grand Vézelay
Bureau de Vézelay situé 12 rue Saint-Etienne, 89450 Vézelay
Retrouvez les informations touristiques pour votre visite à Vézelay et environs en Bourgogne aux portes du Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan : Sites touristiques, hébergements, restaurants...
Velozelay - Bed & Bike

Velozelay©, c'est d'abord l'envie de vous faire découvrir le patrimoine historique et gastronomique de notre magnifique bourgogne, en vous proposant une série de balades à vélo (VTC à assistance électrique).
Nous sélectionnons pour vous des partenaires, vignerons, restaurateurs qui feront de votre balade une expérience unique.

La Maison du Visiteur à Vézelay
A prelude to visiting the basilica
La Maison du Visiteur is the key to understanding this masterpiece of Romanesque art. As you follow the carefully designed itinerary in the company of an experienced guide, you will travel back in time to the world of the master builders of the 12th century. Then, “Entering the Basilica is like opening the most beautiful of books”.
The special Itinerary present a big-screen slide show “the shade of the light”. After, in the Symbols Room, a guide explain
- The sense of space with The commentaries accompanying the plan,
- Architecture in tune with the stars : the path of the sun, projected onto a large-scale model of the basilica,
- The language of images with the reading of 3 capital columns.
The directory of the tourism visits
Winner of the trophy of tourism in Burgundy. Stone extracted by hand. An exceptionnal inheritance which have been forgotten for half of a century...The stone extracted(2000 years in this carry has been used for the building of many Parisian monuments such as the Opera, The Town Hall, The National Museum and School of Arts and Crafts and also the cathedral of Auxerre and Sens. In the impressives caves you will see the marks of the traditionnal tools used by the quarrymen throughout the centuries. In this "upside down cathedral" you will discover what the work of a quarryman was years ago, but also how cutters and sculptors work today. A visit for everyone... Whatever the weather...
Castles visits
Discover chateaux, castles, manors, abbeys, fortresses and luxury private mansions in town...
During about twenty years, 35 " craftsworkers " are building under your eyes a castle with abidance by the XIIIth century techniques in the middle of the forest, in a natural site which provides them with every building material : water, stone, earth, sand, wood.!
Bazoches' s Castel
Who, more than Vauban would have his imprint the French territory? which region, city do not indeed possess indeed a castle, a place, a rampart, a constructed perspective or fitted by this illustrious French (thus it is near three hundred place strong and military works disseminated in our country).
Morvan Park
We invite you to explore the park's regional morvan
To see 400 animals in full freedom


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