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Rental Agreement General Conditions

1. General measures
The tenant shall not, under any circumstances, be entitled to stay on in the accommodation once the initial rental period as stated in this rental agreement contract has expired, except when this has been expressly agreed to by the owner. No modification (deletions or alterations) shall be accepted to the text of this contract without the agreement of both parties. The owner undertakes not to disclose to a third party any information, in any format, that the tenant shall provide for the execution of this contract. However, these measures shall not be applicable in the event of a request for information formulated by the authorities and/or Tribunals. [Head]

2. Payment
The reservation shall become effective on receipt by the owner of a copy of this contract accompanied by the amount of the deposit (minimum: 15% - maximum: 30%) for the stay before the date indicated in this contract. The balance for the rental shall be paid on arrival. If the tenant delays the date of arrival, he/she must inform the owner and ensure the balance for the rental period reaches the owner no later than the date initially planned for the start of the rental period. [Head]

3. Deposit (as security)
For periods longer than 2 nights, the tenant shall on arrival pay a deposit (as security) in addition to the balance for the rental period; the maximum amount of this deposit (as security) shall not exceed 50% of the full rental amount. The owner may immediately cash the deposit (as security). This deposit (as security) shall be returned within a maximum period of two months from the date of departure of the tenant, the owner returning this sum minus all amounts incumbent on the tenant resulting from costs for damage restoration work and other repairs. The amount of said deductions shall be duly justified by the owner based on the "état des lieux" (detailed document of the condition of the accommodation) signed on arrival, on departure, "constat d'huissier" (report by an authorized legal officer), estimates, invoices. If the amount of the deposit (as security) is not sufficient, the tenant undertakes to pay all additional sums due based on the supporting documents provided by the owner.
In no case shall this deposit (as security) be deemed as participating towards the cost of the rental. [Head]

4. Use of the accommodation
The tenant shall use the accommodation in a peaceful manner and shall not misuse said accommodation. On departure, the tenant undertakes to leave the premises in the same state of cleanliness as on arrival. All the items listed in the inventory shall be replaced in their positions as per on arrival. All repairs, irrespective of their importance, that are necessary due to the negligence of the tenant during the rental period shall be payable by the tenant. The accommodation shall in no case be used by any third party, unless expressly agreed beforehand by the owner. No sub-letting shall be authorised, for whatever reason, even free of charge. Non compliance with this condition shall result in the cancellation of the contract. The full amount of the rental shall then be acquired by or become due to the owner. The accommodation rented is for temporary or holiday accommodation and shall exclude any activity whatsoever, whether professional, commercial or artisanal, or even of a complementary or additional nature to the accommodation (maximum 3 months), unless previously authorised by the owner. No tents shall be erected or any caravans parked on the property rented, unless previously authorised by the owner. The owner shall provide the accommodation as per the description provided and shall maintain said accommodation in the appropriate condition. As a rule, the tenant shall vacate the accommodation at the time agreed in the contract or at a time suitable to the owner, after the "état des lieux". [Head]

5. Special cases
The number of tenants shall not exceed the maximum capacity indicated on the catalogue or description document. Exceptionally and subject to agreement by the owner, this rule may be waived. In this case, the owner shall be entitled to receive an increase in the price initially communicated to the tenant and noted in the rental contract. [Head]

6. "Etat des lieux" and inventory
The "état des lieux" and the inventory of all furnishings and fittings shall be carried out at the start and at the end of the rental period by the owner (or appointed agent) and the tenant. If it is not possible to conduct the inventory on arrival, the tenant shall have 24 hours to check the displayed inventory and inform the owner of any anomalies. After this period, the rented premises and effects shall be deemed free of damage as of the arrival of the tenant.
If the "état des lieux" on departure cannot be carried out due to a time of departure other than the one indicated in the contract and not compatible with the schedule, the owner shall unilaterally undertake the "état des lieux" at the time initially agreed and shall return the guarantee (as security) within the week following the departure provided there is no damage and subject to the correct return to initial condition of the premises. Should the owner note any damage, this shall be communicated to the tenant within 8 days. [Head]

7. Conditions for cancellation
Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or telegram:
7.1 Cancellation by the tenant :
Any cancellation of this contract by the tenant must be notified to the owner by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt at the address indicated in the letter head of this contract, the date of receipt by the owner being the valid date.
- When the cancellation occurs more than 3 months before the start of the rental period, the owner shall return within 30 days following the cancellation the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.
- When the cancellation occurs between 2 and 3 months before the start of the rental period, the owner shall return within 30 days following the cancellation 75% of the amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.
- When the cancellation occurs between 1 and 2 months before the start of the rental period, the owner shall return within 30 days following the cancellation 50% of the amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.
- When the cancellation occurs less than 1 month before the start of the rental period, the owner shall retain the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant.
7.2 If the tenant does not show up on the day indicated in the contract, and after a period of 24 hours and without notifying the the owner:
- this contract is deemed to be cancelled
- the deposit shall be acquired by the owner
- the owner shall be free to dispose of the rented accommodation.
7.3 Cancellation by the owner Before arrival in the accommodation:
If this contract is cancelled by the owner before arrival in the accommodation, for whatever reason excepting a case of force majeure, the owner shall pay the tenant the amount of the deposit received. This shall be addressed to the tenant by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within a period of 30 days following notification of the cancellation.
7.4 Cancellation by the owner After arrival in the accommodation:
When the cancellation of the contract by the owner occurs during the period of the rental agreement, this must be fully justified (failure to pay the rental amount, bounced cheque, proven damage to the rented accommodation, complaints from neighbours, etc.). This cancellation, notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, shall entail the departure of the tenant within 2 days from the date of receipt of the letter notifying this decision. The owner reserves the right to keep the amount of the deposit (as security) as per the conditions detailed in §3 "Deposit (as guarantee)". Regardless of the reason for the cancellation, the full amount of the rental price shall remain acquired by the owner. [Head]

8. Service interruption
In the event of early interruption to the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the owner is not the cause, no reimbursements shall be due, excepting the deposit (as security).
Force majeure: If the tenant can justify serious reasons of a force majeure nature (unforeseen and irresistible event outside tenant's control) making the completion of the rental agreement impossible, the contract shall be cancelled by rights. The amount of the rental price already paid by the tenant shall be repaid au prorata the length of stay remaining. [Head]

9. Insurance
The tenant shall be responsible for insuring the premises made available or rented. The tenant must check that his/her main residence insurance policy includes a clause providing appropriate cover for rented holiday accommodation . If this is not the case, the tenant must contact the insurance company and request this extension to the contract or else take out a special policy covering rented holiday accommodation. [Head]

10. Disputes or claims
Attempts must always be made to settle any disputes amicably and out of court.
If the parties are unable to reach an amicable and out of court agreement, only the Tribunal with jurisdiction over the territory where the rented accommodation in question is situated shall be competent. [Head]

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