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Advice and rules

1/ Filling in the form
Filling in the form does not commit you in any way. The information sent will remain strictly confidential. We cannot respond to rental enquiries unless we know who we are dealing with. This means we need to know your name, your address and your telephone number, as well as the type of gîte that you wish to rent. As a rule, we do not provide proposals in response to e-mail messages.
This procedure is one aspect of the improvement in the quality of service that we wish to offer our customers.
2/ Capacities (board and lodging)
The gites at La Vieille Borde are of a very high quality. Their equipment, facilities and furnishings and bedding have been carefully selected. Each gîte is fitted for a number of persons guaranteeing the necessary conditions for comfort, hygiene and safety. These capacities (number of persons) are clearly stated in the descriptions of the gîtes and must not be exceeded. This rule applies both to the numbers staying in the gîtes and for the meals. For what we feel are perfectly legitimate reasons, we cannot accept any additions to the numbers stated or any overcrowding in the gîtes.
3/ If you rent more than one gite
Often groups (families, friends) find that La Vieille Borde is well suited for reunions and get-togethers. To celebrate a birthday or be amongst friends or for a sports-adventure event organised in the vicinity. In these cases, several gîtes can be rented. To facilitate get-togethers, for example at meal times, we can – for a small extra charge – provide guests with a beautiful large vaulted room that is fully appointed (kitchen, tables, chairs, cutlery, etc.). This enables us to provide an ideal solution to the limitations on the numbers allowed in the gîtes.
4/ What is included in the rental price of the gites
The rental price for the gîtes varies according to the time of year and length of stay. But regardless of the options selected, the price includes bed linen, heating, water, electricity and cleaning prior to arrival. The bed linen is handled by a specialised hotel services firm, thereby ensuring all statutory regulations regarding hygiene are respected.
5/ What is not included in the rental price of the gites
Guests must ensure final cleaning before departure and make sure the premises are in the same state as on arrival (excepting the bed linen). The "departure cleaning" service reste a la charge du locataire et qui lui sera facturé. Towels are not provided in the gîtes. Guests must bring their own towels and toiletry items. Ingredients for cooking are not provided (you will need to bring your own sugar, oil, condiments and other ingredients, etc.). Logs for the open fire can be provided at cost.
Notamment pour les longs séjours, il vous est possible d'opter pour la prestation "Ménage intermédiaire". N'hésitez pas à nous en faire la demande lors de votre demande de réservation, afin de l'intégrer dans votre devis.
6/ Pets
We welcome pets at La Vieille Borde. However, we do ask their owners to be vigilant and avoid any damage.
7/ Fire safety
Special attention must be paid to this topic. The electrical installations and equipment are new and conform to prevailing standards. This means that the structural conditions relative to the safety of the installations are respected. We ask guests to take all due care when using the kitchen or enjoying the warmth of the burning logs in the open fireplace.
Il est strictement prohibé de brûler des cartons et papiers dans les foyers des cheminées des gîtes.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the bedrooms.
8/ General safety and security
La Vieille Borde is located right out in the country. There are no fences or unauthorised areas. There are wide open spaces all around that present no danger. However, and in particular for children, we do ask parents to be responsible and to explain carefully to their children that it is easy to get lost in the surrounding forests or fall when the ground is uneven. It is also important to explain to the young people that the hangars housing the farming machinery, and which are located well away from the leisure areas, are not play areas.
9/ Mise a disposition des equipements
Chapiteaux : vous pourrez disposer des chapiteaux deux jours avant la date de cérémonie, afin de préparer la mise en place et la décoration.
Salle voûtée : vous pourrez également disposer de la salle voûtée deux jours avant la date de cérémonie afin de stocker boissons, matériel ou denrées.
Dans les deux cas, ces équipements devront être nettoyés par vos soins et la remise des clefs devra être faite au maximum pour quinze heures le lendemain de la date de cérémonie.
10/ Evacuation des déchets
Concernant les chapiteaux et la salle voûtée, l'évacuation des déchets devra être assurée par vous-même ou votre prestataire.
11/ Insurance
There is a law covering this important and specific point. Tenants are responsible for insuring the premises they rent. Therefore, make sure that your home insurance policy covers you for this (holiday rentals). If not, contact your insurer and request that the cover be extended or else take out a specific policy covering holiday rentals.
12/ If you organise a ceremony
There are lots of possibilities for organising large country ceremonies at La Vieille Borde. This type of service involves preparation and requires advance notice.
13/ Your rights, compliance with the French Data Processing law (Loi informatique et liberté)
Users have a right to access, modify, correct and delete any data concerning yourself (article 34 of the French data protection law "Informatique et Libertés"). To exercise this right, please contact the site (see the Contact page).

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